Stylish home accessories

Rugs & runners

A rug or runner has the power to tie a space together. It completes a room and brings in the look and feel one wants to achieve in the space. Rugs are not only necessary for the winters, but can also be used all year round. They add colour, texture and a personal touch to the home-making it welcoming, warm and cosy.

Beautiful rugs, hand-woven in 80% pure wool and 20% cotton.

Rugs are hand-woven on looms and are available in 4 sizes 

and a variety of patterns and colours.

Small size - 91x152 cm. Prices from £80

Medium size - 120x180 cm. Prices from  £130                                                                                                            

Large size - 150x224 cm . Prices from  £195

Runners - 70x240 cm, 60x240 cm, 60x180 cm, Prices from £100.

Customised Rugs

If you require rugs in  bigger sizes, we will be happy to make them for you. Rugs are made in 20% cotton, 80% wool. Sizes available: 6x9, 8x11 and 9x12 feet. It will take between 4 and 6 weeks to complete any order. We have over 25 designs to choose from. Prices are £5.00 per square foot for basic designs, £6.00 per square foot for the more complicated ones. Shippment costs are additional. For more information, please contact Mr Hedfi, on 07780662323, or by email: [email protected]